Episode Four!

The fourth episode of our lovely little podcast has just been published. You can find it here, or you can add the podcast to your iTunes by using the RSS feed (featured below).


Extended Reading: The Numidium

The Numidium is a massive Dwemer construct, powered by (at first) the Heart of Lorkhan operating as it’s soul gem. Those of you who are familiar with the Dwemer ruins in Skyrim will know that all Dwemer automatons are powered by soul gems. There are a few things that I left out of the podcast, either by mistake or in the interest of run-time, which I hope to talk about now.

Firstly, I left out any talk about the size of the Numidium. This was an accident, as I think it’s important to know the scale of this brass golem. The problem is: there are no concrete sources that describe it’s size. During the events of the game Morrowind, Dagoth Ur is rebuilding the Numidium (which he calls Akulakhan), and you can actually see it. Whether or not Akulakhan is the same size as the original Numidium is unknown. Here is a depiction of the Numidium from the Dwemer book, Divine Metaphysics:

Anyway, in one source it says that the Numidium was big enough to swat the moons out of the sky, while another sources have it pegged at a few thousand feet tall.

Before Dagoth Ur begins reconstruction of his Numidium (Akulakhan), you may remember that Tiber Septim had once also used the Numidium in his conquest of Tamriel. This is where the game Daggerfall, and it’s multiple endings, come into it. This Numidium has little relation to the first, and is considerably less powerful (although still massively destructive). The original Numidium was intended to be a new God for the Dwemer, powered by the heart of a dead God. The Numidium used by Tiber Septim to conquer and unite Tamriel was just a war-machine.

Our Newest Episode is PACKED!

We talk about a lot during this episode: the construction of the first Numidium, the disappearance of the Dwemer, and the cursing and subsequent transformation of the Chimer into the Dunmer.

All of these topics are interrelated and weave a tapestry of intrigue and mystery that will leave you wanting to know more. Unfortunately, in some cases, that’s just not possible. You can catch the episode here on the blog, or on iTunes (if you have added our RSS feed). Thanks for listening!

RSS Feed Now Available!

I have finally finished coding the RSS feed for this podcast, so you can now manually add it to iTunes. I’ve published the podcast to the iTunes Store, but I understand it takes a long time to become available there.

You can find an option to manually subscribe to a podcast in the Advanced menu within iTunes. There should be an option there for Subscribe to Podcast… Once there simply enter the URL below, and the podcast will automagically be added to your iTunes and new episodes will download as soon as they are released!

Access the podcast through iTunes with our brand new RSS feed:

Also, there is a new episode that will be release very soon. I am currently in the final stages of editing, and it will be available before the end of the week. Look forward to it!

Episode Two is Here!

The second episode has finally arrived! After much editing and re-recording I managed to cut this episode down from 22 minutes to just 19! In all seriousness, the episode is about the Thalmor and the Aldmeri Dominion, and there’s a lot to say. I still left a lot of information out, even though the episode is still 19 minutes long.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and *please* pass me on to friends of yours who you think might be interested. And, remember: send me corrections, suggestions and any other kind of feedback. Thanks!

New Episode Coming Soon

I just wanted to give a quick update on the status of the second episode. It’s been written, recorded and mixed, but it runs a little long (it clocks in just over twenty minutes). My aim is to keep the episodes as short as possible because, quite frankly, I don’t think my voice is interesting enough to listen to for twenty minutes. I will be doing some more editing and possibly more recording soon and I hope to release it this upcoming weekend. Sorry it’s been taking so long, but hang in there and episode two will be here before you know it! Thanks.

Super-Awesome Map of Tamriel

This map comes from The Imperial Library, made by Arthmodeus, and it is awesome. I would keep this nearby if you’re listening to the podcast, or if you’re playing the games, because it has everything on it (well, almost anything).

The things that the map doesn’t show, it gives you convenient little arrows that show you where those continents are in terms of Tamriel itself (see: Atmora and Akavir).