Uriel V’s Failed Invasion of Akavir

In 3E268, Uriel V is sworn in as Emperor. The first task he gives himself is to restore faith in the Empire. He takes the throne after the death of his father, Cephorus II, under whose reign Tamriel had seen the devastation invasion of the Camoran Usurper. Commonfolk had begun to doubt the power and safety of the Empire, and had grown distrustful.

Uriel V quickly decides that the quickest way to unite the Empire was to point their swords at a common enemy. Within two years of sitting the throne, he begins planning a full-scale naval invasion of distant and mysterious Akavir. He spends the next ten years building a navy worthy to the task. Despite the planning and preparation, what follows is one of the Empire’s most devastating defeats.

Years later, after the dust settles, Imperial investigators looked into the campaign looking for someone to blame for the Empire’s defeat. Imperial Chairman Pottreid scribed the report in which the details of the invasion were laid bare. The report, which will be read here for your listening pleasure, was aptly called Disaster at Ionith.

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