The “Madmen” of the Reach

“You want to know who the Forsworn are? We are the people who must pillage our own land. Burn our own ground. We are the scourge of the Nords. The axe that falls in the dark. The scream before the gods claim your soul. We are the true sons and daughters of the Reach. The spirits and hags have lived here from the beginning, and they are on our side. Go back. Go back and tell your Empire that we will have our own kingdom again. And on that day, we will be the ones burying your dead in a land that is no longer yours.”

So who are the Forsworn? Are they simple brigands and bandits? Are they deposed tribesmen wishing only to win back their ancestral territory? Decide for yourself. We learn most everything there is to know about the Witchmen, Reachmen, Forsworn (whatever you want to call them) in our newest episode!


The Avatars of Lorkhan

Throughout history there have been a number of heroes among men, who have risen to champion the cause of men. The names of these heroes are known to men across Tamriel, as saviors and defenders. These, many believe, are the avatars of Lorkhan, sent by Lorkhan to shepherd in times of great need. Alternately, one might choose to believe that they are not sent by Lorkhan, but rather are incarnations of Lorkhan. These are the Shezarrines.