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  1. Dude awesome podcast already told all my friends about it keep up the good work! Oh and you should totally do a in depth episode on the falmer good luck my friend!!!!

  2. I Think you should try to do these episodes in order of each other. Starting with the explaination of everything. Then going forward from there. Starting from the earliest known time to present day. I think this is the best way of learning about TES I have found. I am not downing the way you do this at all. But I think people could understand and maybe remember it all a litle better if every episode lead into the next episode. Like I said I would love to help you the best I could if possible.

  3. Has anyone ever offered to help you in this forum. Maybe to keep things up to date or to do things you need done when you do not have time to o them. I would love to help. I will not have to work again full time until at least 2-3 more months. I do not know nearly as much about TES as you but I would like to help with anything on this site that I could if needed. I do not know a lot about editing websites or anything. But I am okay with computers and can lean just about anything with computers fairly quickly.

    My preferred E-mail I like to use for games is different then on this site. It is

    I would love to help.

  4. After having listened to all and re-listened to some multiple time, I want more episodes! You could even have other people do small episodes on less extensive subjects. Lore surrounding artifacts, locations, and people of relative importance. Keep it up and congrats on the new lore master.

  5. Hi, a friend told me about your podcast series and I just wanted to say I’ve been really enjoying listening to everything and I hope you continue with the show. The sheer quantity of lore involved in the Elder Scrolls series can make it incredibly daunting to tackle, however listening to your commentary and interpretation makes it a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable. Instead of stopping to read books while playing Morrowind or Skyrim I can just listen to this while I dungeon dive. Great job!

  6. Just found the podcast after looking all over for a decent lore podcast. Absolutely blown away, you’re doing an awesome job and I’ll be listening to them all from the beginning. Keep up the great work, friend!

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