Extended Reading: The Numidium

The Numidium is a massive Dwemer construct, powered by (at first) the Heart of Lorkhan operating as it’s soul gem. Those of you who are familiar with the Dwemer ruins in Skyrim will know that all Dwemer automatons are powered by soul gems. There are a few things that I left out of the podcast, either by mistake or in the interest of run-time, which I hope to talk about now.

Firstly, I left out any talk about the size of the Numidium. This was an accident, as I think it’s important to know the scale of this brass golem. The problem is: there are no concrete sources that describe it’s size. During the events of the game Morrowind, Dagoth Ur is rebuilding the Numidium (which he calls Akulakhan), and you can actually see it. Whether or not Akulakhan is the same size as the original Numidium is unknown. Here is a depiction of the Numidium from the Dwemer book, Divine Metaphysics:

Anyway, in one source it says that the Numidium was big enough to swat the moons out of the sky, while another sources have it pegged at a few thousand feet tall.

Before Dagoth Ur begins reconstruction of his Numidium (Akulakhan), you may remember that Tiber Septim had once also used the Numidium in his conquest of Tamriel. This is where the game Daggerfall, and it’s multiple endings, come into it. This Numidium has little relation to the first, and is considerably less powerful (although still massively destructive). The original Numidium was intended to be a new God for the Dwemer, powered by the heart of a dead God. The Numidium used by Tiber Septim to conquer and unite Tamriel was just a war-machine.


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