Foul Murder

Our extended discussion about the 36 Lessons of Vivec has finally drawn to an end with this weeks episode. It’s been a long, strange journey, but we made it. As much as I love these Sermons, I am glad to move on to a new topic after this three episode run.

As a bonus addition to our episode, I have compiled some artwork from the 36 Lessons drawn by Michael Kirkbride himself (the author). Enjoy.

Vivec in his giant-form.

Vivec fights City-Face.

Vivec fights the Ruddy Man.


A Tale of Two Kingdoms: the Khajiit of Elsweyr

Our fifteenth episode takes us to Elsweyr, home of the Khajiit. Learn about their religion, their connection with the “lunar lattice”, and why they decided to join up with the Thalmor and the Aldmeri Dominion.

Who knows? The Khajiiti pantheon might even be a little bit more familiar than you thought it would be.

The UESP has an excellent chart that explains the phases of Nirn’s two moons Masser and Secunda (Jone and Jode to the Khajiit) and how they affect the Khajiiti morphology. Check it out!

Super-Awesome Map of Tamriel

This map comes from The Imperial Library, made by Arthmodeus, and it is awesome. I would keep this nearby if you’re listening to the podcast, or if you’re playing the games, because it has everything on it (well, almost anything).

The things that the map doesn’t show, it gives you convenient little arrows that show you where those continents are in terms of Tamriel itself (see: Atmora and Akavir).