C0DA, Part Two of Two (and the Ending of the Fifth Season)

Cave, by Manuel Dupong

We close up our fifth season by wrapping up our discussion of C0DA. C0DA has polarized the lore community for a number of reasons. Some people rejoice that the idea of canon has been destroyed, as it seems to be a constantly recurring question as time goes on. Others see no need to have interesting discussions about existing Elder Scrolls lore if as long as there is no canon. What’s to say something did or did not happen, when we can all have our own Elder Scrolls canon. What do you think?

Listen to the episode now…


5 responses to “C0DA, Part Two of Two (and the Ending of the Fifth Season)

  1. I think that C0DA is an awesome thing for the Elder Scrolls universe. It opens up so many opportunities for interpretation and understanding in areas that we previously had no clue about.

  2. This Podcast is amazing!. It’s very easy to just sit down and listen to some of the awesome tales the Elder Scrolls lore has to offer. No homo or anything, but your voice is quite soothing, it’s about a 7 on the Freeman scale. But anyways, this is a very awesome podcast and I always look forward to each new episode. Keep up the hard work!

  3. I think like everything that Kirkbride creates, its interesting, but ultimately meaningless. His stuff is so out there that we can safely say that it will never be incorporated into the games as Lore until Bethesda is ready to jump the shark (except maybe that annoying Thalmor trying to destroy the world thing, but even that’s a lot of nonsense). He doesn’t work for Bethesda, and even if this is stuff he came up with behind the scenes when he did, the company is under no obligation to accept it as canon going forward, and no one should expect it to be.

    If time has been destroyed by Numidium, then how are they in the fifth era? If time is destroyed, there’s no progression to the fifth era – and they seem to have internet and TVs and Movies and…

    Its never gonna happen in a game, and its so incoherent and strange that we can very safely just assume that a rational company interested in selling games and making money (because that is what Bethesda does want to do, on a very basic level) will never elevate this stuff to high canon even if they ever do give it semi-canon status.

    I mean, if Kirkbride’s nutso stuff like this does become canon, I will eat my hat. I promise.

  4. Can’t wait for another season. I really need more of this podcasts. I’ve recently found out about this site and now it’s one of my favorites. Your podcasts helped so much through long night shifts. I wrote recently an article on Vivec, CHIM and Kirkbride.. sort of my personal analysis, nothing big but few personal thoughts.. if any of you guys wanna check it’s here on my blog. English is not my native language so sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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