USING iTUNES? You can now find the podcast on the iTunes Store! You can also add the RSS feed for the Elder Lore podcast to your iTunes, new episodes will automatically download when they are published. You can do so by finding Subscribe to Podcast in the Advanced menu and entering this URL:



4 responses to “Episodes

  1. Hey man, just want to say how much I appreciate the podcast. Been a ES fan for ages, but only been a lore geek for around 9 months. I have to say I really like your delivery and your explanations are super clear. Keep up the good work 😀

  2. Love the Podcast! I didn’t even know about The Elder Scrolls series tell a friend introduced me to Oblivion back in the day so it’s great to know more then just his vague accounts and what I’ve played so far but the more I hear you talk about Morrowind the more I’m inclined to go play it myself!

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