Dawnguard, Stendarr, and the Volkihar

In our new episode we examine the history of the Dawnguard. Bethesda was a little sparse on the lore information with this expansion, so the episode runs a bit short unfortunately. It could have been longer if I had included information that happens to the player-character, but I chose not to do that for a number of reasons. Any of you who have played the Dawnguard expansion will know what I’m talking about, and anybody who hasn’t should be thankful for the absence of spoilers.


The Lore of ESO

“The Imperial Throne sits empty. The Dragonfires cold; unlit. From every corner, darkness grows. Now, ancient enemies band together. Unlikely alliances are forged. Old ambitions rekindled.” 

Examine the lore behind the Elder Scrolls Online, and decide for yourself where you sit in the controversial changes of history. Check out our newest episode now!