The Founding of the Knights of the Nine

Pelinal Whitestrake is a mythic figure out of legend. One of the warrior demi-gods that aided Alessia in her slave revolt against her Ayleid overlords, Pelinal was also likely one of the Shezzarines (avatars of Lorkhan sent to the mortal plane to aid the Men of Tamriel in their plight). He also inspired Sir Amiel, and a few other pious knights, to form the Order of the Knights of the Nine. We learn a little bit about Pelinal, and a little bit about the history of the Order in this, our newest episode.


Together in the Light: The Rise and Fall of the Ayleids

Witness the Ayleid empire at it’s height, and witness it fall. We all know that the Ayleids were once the most powerful empire in Tamriel, and that they owe their downfall to the Cyro-Nordic alliance that rebelled against them, but some of the specifics about them might surprise you yet. Some believe that the Ayleids survived long after their empire was destroyed. Indeed, there are some who say they survive still. Learn all about the vast and magical empire of the Heartland High Elves in our most recent episode.