01: The Coming of the Nords

In our inaugural episode we celebrate the release of Skyrim by giving you a crash course in the history of the Nordic people, and their long strange journey in Tamriel.

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  • According to The Falmer: A Study, written by Ursa Uthrax, the Falmer descended into the Dwemer cities in Skyrim in flight from the Nords. There was an agreement between the two races, although the Dwemer didn’t really trust the Snow Elves. The Dwemer fed them toxic fungi which rendered them blind, rather than prolonged periods of time underground. There was a war between the Dwemer and the Falmer, until one day (because of events that transpired in nearby Morrowind) the Dwemer simply disappeared. The Falmer stuck around and continued living in the now-abandoned cities. (Thanks TNoD!)

16 responses to “01: The Coming of the Nords

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  2. Quick addition: the mer that the Nords first found were the Falmer, which caused the Falmer to seek shelter with the Dwemer, and then become mutilated slaves because of the Dwemer, not just because they were “hiding underground”.

  3. Very nice work, good sire 🙂 In general, you have a very nice and calm voice, which makes the podcast an absolute pleasure to listen to. I think a bit of ambient background music would be really great, just to set the mood a bit, but I really enjoyed this episode and I’m looking forward to the next ones 🙂

  4. This is awesome man, I love Skyrim and I been looking for an easy way to get caught up on all the Tamriel lore. Thanks for the answer. Keep it up!

  5. Just listened to the first podcast. Wow, that was awesome. Love the music in the background. I feel like knowing a lot of this stuff . . . especially the parts about the Draugr and their ceremonies with the Dragon Priests . . . will add a lot to my game play experience.

    I am excited to see where your podcast goes. I cannot wait to learn more about the past games as well. I played through Oblivion quickly and am delving into Skyrim and taking my time with it. I never played Morrowind so I look forward to learning more about the lore in the world of Tamriel.

    Thanks for doing this and keep up the great work!!

    • They sure did. I don’t think they bothered much with Cyrodiil, the Jerall Mountains proved too much trouble to cross. I chose not to include that in this episode, however, because I talk about it in another episode. Thanks!

  6. Really impressed by your work! I was expecting a shambles not unlike most youtube videos but I was pleasantly surprised. You have a very listenable voice and the content is impressive.

    I’ve already subscribed to the podcast and will be watching out for more.

    Great work!

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