New Episode Coming!

Usually I try to write and record episodes within a week, meaning that the next episode would normally come out in the next few days, but I need a few days before I can even try to record it. I’ve just recently had two of my wisdom teeth removed and, while I am in little to no pain (which I am thankful for), my mouth is filled with gauze.

TL;DR: New episode coming soon, maybe the weekend.


Foul Murder

Our extended discussion about the 36 Lessons of Vivec has finally drawn to an end with this weeks episode. It’s been a long, strange journey, but we made it. As much as I love these Sermons, I am glad to move on to a new topic after this three episode run.

As a bonus addition to our episode, I have compiled some artwork from the 36 Lessons drawn by Michael Kirkbride himself (the author). Enjoy.

Vivec in his giant-form.

Vivec fights City-Face.

Vivec fights the Ruddy Man.

Ruling Kings of the World

In our 22nd episode we continue our discussion about Vivec’s sprawling work of theological and philosophical “fiction” known as the 36 Lessons of Vivec. We made it to Sermon Nine in our previous episode, and this one takes us up to (but not including) Sermon Twenty.

In the interest of time and attention, I have opted to include less analysis of the text and more of a general walkthrough of the concepts and events taking place. I’ve done this for many reasons, first being because I simply don’t know all the interpretations. Secondly, because I think it could inspire some really interesting conversation. Thirdly, it would take me at least a full season to go through all of this stuff.

I would definitely recommend reading through the Lessons, either before or while you listen. Form your own opinions and, by all means, let’s discuss!

The Return of the Podcast

In the first episode of our third season we begin a discussion that will probably last a few more episodes, at least. We talk about the 36 Lessons of Vivec, the theological writings of Vivec himself which would become the foundation upon which the Tribunal Temple was built.

This topic will more than likely take us two or three episodes to finish, but we cover the first eight sermons in their entirety during this first part. If you’re interested in the topic, be sure to check in the following weeks for the subsequent continuations of the story.

Patchlog, v.ElderLore (Part 2)

The new RSS feed has been uploaded. I will keep the old feed (at the old host) for a week or so to give the iTunes Store a chance to re-direct to the new feed. If you experience problems, I would recommend deleting all the episodes and re-subscribing to the podcast with the new feed. The new feed is located at:

You can also, as always, re-subscribe using the iTunes Store. Please, please, please do not hesitate to send me an email if you’re having a lot of trouble. I would much rather help you figure out how to fix it than for you to get frustrated and stop listening.

Patchlog, v.ElderLore (Part 1)

The Elder Lore Podcast now has a new host and, hopefully, that means no more bandwidth overages and subsequent outages. I am slowly migrating all of the data to the new servers, so things might start acting strangely. Here’s what to expect:

– You can access all of our episodes here on our site. View the episode’s individual page and you can listen using the widget, or you can download it using the link.

– The RSS feed will not be finished for a few more days. I made some sweeping changes to the names and locations of each episode, and updating it all is going to be laborious work. Expect it in a few days.

– At that time that the RSS feed is finished, you may have to delete your episodes of the podcast on your iTunes and re-subscribe using either the iTunes Store or manually. More on that when it happens.

– I’ve made changes to the URL locations of some of the episodes to keep them better organized and up-to-date with the name of the episode itself. Some URLs posted on forums and what-not will become inactive for those episodes. Sorry, it’s all in the name of progress.

TL;DR: Making some changes. Stuff might start acting weird. Fixes coming. All episodes still available on the blog. Thanks.