New Episode Coming Soon

I just wanted to give a quick update on the status of the second episode. It’s been written, recorded and mixed, but it runs a little long (it clocks in just over twenty minutes). My aim is to keep the episodes as short as possible because, quite frankly, I don’t think my voice is interesting enough to listen to for twenty minutes. I will be doing some more editing and possibly more recording soon and I hope to release it this upcoming weekend. Sorry it’s been taking so long, but hang in there and episode two will be here before you know it! Thanks.


2 responses to “New Episode Coming Soon

  1. Personally I like to listen to long podcasts with interesting topics. And after listening to the first of your episode I thought it was great, but it ended kind of quickly which made me a bit disappointed. So I think there’s a great deal of people that would prefer long episodes with more content. How much is of course up to you.
    As an extra note, please have fewer of the long quiet pauses, or atleast make them slightly shorter. Cheers, really like you podcast so far.

  2. I am going to have to second the “I like long podcasts” statement. I think one hour podcasts are perfect. perfect for working out at the gym or my commute to and from work, etc. I can imagine it would be a challenge to produce an hour long podcasts, but please don’t cut content simply for the purpose of making the podcast short. Don’t worry, we will listen!

    I didn’t notice any of the long pauses that podcastfan was talking about in the first episode . . . or if I did they didn’t bother me. The transitions between sections with skyrim music was great in my opinion. Excited to listen to the next two episodes as well!

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