Updating Episodes

I have fixed a couple of the episodes that people seem to be having the most trouble downloading. I’ve provided new links for the Numidium and Myth and Cosmology episodes. If you come across other broken episodes, just let me know and I will get around to fixing them. I have also been emailing listeners links to episodes if they have trouble accessing them, which I would be happy to continue doing.


6 responses to “Updating Episodes

  1. Will you make more podcasts? To me they are pure gold and I really wish you can continue making them. There aren’t many Elder Scrolls podcasts out there and especially good ones like this. I keep coming back for months to check for any updates, hoping to find more.

  2. Overview of the Daedric Princes has had only 2 seconds of audio for a while now. Also, second on Alexander. Your podcast is the best at what it’s there for. My only complaint is that you don’t go on longer 😛

  3. I know it has a long time since you’ve made episodes for this podcast. But I wanted to remember, that there are still person’s out there listening to the current episodes and hoping for more to come. What do you think about the possible events or the place the next elder scrolls game will take place? Or it would also be interesting to hear an analysis of Kinmune. And thinking about the robot from the 9th era: What can we say about the future of Nirn? If the towers will be destroyed one by one, and Nirn will fall back into Oblivion – what will happen to it? Or what will happen to the divines if so? Or to Lorkhan? Nirn is his creation after all. There is so much that can still be about the elder scrolls lore and I would love to hear your opinion about it and I rejoice about new episodes of this fantastic podcast of yours.

    Best regards,

    loyal listener and elder scrolls fan

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