Welcome, and thank you for checking out The Wanderer’s Tales. The Tales represent an incrementally updated user modification for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Starting with the final episode in our third season, and periodically throughout, our usual lore-based episodes will be punctuated in between by these so-called Wanderer’s tales. They will be more creative fiction than lore examination, but they will be very much focused on presenting plausible lore-friendly stories about events in history. The mod exists as a companion piece to the episodes, and adds a bit of extra jazz also.

What does the mod do?

  1. Every time a new episode in the Wanderer’s tales series is released in audio form, written versions will be released in-game. These will need to be found out in the world, or possibly at traders and general stores.
  2. The Wanderer himself will be traveling the dusty roads and wilderness of Skyrim, but I am not going to tell you where. You’ll have to find him yourself!
  3. Incremental updates to a new series of in-game books written by, and purchased from, Carac Oswyn (famed historian, traveler, and itinerant storyteller at the Bards College in Solitude). These books will serve as a comprehensive compendium of lore information attainable in-game, and ready for your empty bookshelves.

Find The Wanderer’s Tales on the Steam Workshop to begin your multimedia Elder Lore experience!


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