First Episode Coming Soon!

I am currently working on writing the first episode of the Elder Lore podcast. I’m setting up this blog to be a companion-piece to the podcast, in addition to a repository for interesting things about the Elder Scrolls universe.

I have been a huge fan of the ES universe since Morrowind came out in 2002. I have since played all of them (excluding the titles made for mobile phones), including going back and using DOSBox to play Arena and Daggerfall. I find the setting and it’s history immensely interesting, and I hope that you do too (otherwise I have no idea how you got here).

In celebration of the recent release of Skyrim, and in honor of it’s many Game of the Year awards going it’s way, the first episode of the podcast will be a brief crash-course in Nordic history. They didn’t always live in Tamriel! Be on the lookout, both here and on the iTunes Store, because I hope to have the whole podcast recorded and uploaded within the week. Thanks!


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