Super-Awesome Map of Tamriel

This map comes from The Imperial Library, made by Arthmodeus, and it is awesome. I would keep this nearby if you’re listening to the podcast, or if you’re playing the games, because it has everything on it (well, almost anything).

The things that the map doesn’t show, it gives you convenient little arrows that show you where those continents are in terms of Tamriel itself (see: Atmora and Akavir).


3 responses to “Super-Awesome Map of Tamriel

  1. Needs more regular new episodes, and maybe some guest stars and such in the next ones, so that it doesn’t come down to just you talking. But please, keep this project up, and advertise on reddit and stuff, I’d like to see this go on!

    • I didn’t make the map. Also, Falkreath has also been spelled Falkrenth and Falcrenth, going back as far as the official game map for Arena.

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