The Unfortunate Story of the Falmer

In our first episode ever, we talked about the history of the Nordic people and their core beliefs. We bookend that subject nicely in today’s episode, when we talk about the history and core beliefs of the Snow Elves. It is an unfortunate story indeed, for as the Nords were building a new life for themselves on the great continent of Tamriel, so were the Snow Elves being cut down and driven from their home.


Ask Me Anything!

Every once in awhile I will get an email asking what my name is, or other questions about the podcast and blog. I figured it might be interesting to have an on-going AMA session, where I address your questions either on the blog or in the podcast. Thanks to Google Docs for making it super-easy, you can now ask me whatever question you want (this includes personal questions) and hopefully get an answer here or in our next episode.

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Maybe, if there is enough demand and enough questions are asked, I will post an FAQ here on the blog with all the answers. This is normally something that would happen over at r/teslore on Reddit, but I didn’t want to clog their lore forum with un-lore-related posts.

The Story of Arden Sul

In a companion piece to our most recent episode about the Enantiomorph, I present you with some Extended Reading on the topic. Those listeners who knew the topic, or understood it well enough from the episode, might have been curious as to the mysterious absence of one of the most obvious examples of the Enantiomorph. This particular example we, as players, experience first-hand during the events of the Shivering Isles expansion pack to Oblivion. So, here goes nothing: Sheogorath, Jyggalag, and the strange story of Arden Sul