Patchlog, v.ElderLore (Part 1)

The Elder Lore Podcast now has a new host and, hopefully, that means no more bandwidth overages and subsequent outages. I am slowly migrating all of the data to the new servers, so things might start acting strangely. Here’s what to expect:

– You can access all of our episodes here on our site. View the episode’s individual page and you can listen using the widget, or you can download it using the link.

– The RSS feed will not be finished for a few more days. I made some sweeping changes to the names and locations of each episode, and updating it all is going to be laborious work. Expect it in a few days.

– At that time that the RSS feed is finished, you may have to delete your episodes of the podcast on your iTunes and re-subscribe using either the iTunes Store or manually. More on that when it happens.

– I’ve made changes to the URL locations of some of the episodes to keep them better organized and up-to-date with the name of the episode itself. Some URLs posted on forums and what-not will become inactive for those episodes. Sorry, it’s all in the name of progress.

TL;DR: Making some changes. Stuff might start acting weird. Fixes coming. All episodes still available on the blog. Thanks.


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