01: Akavir: The Dragon Land

In our first episode of our new season we examine a topic which you, the listeners, have been requesting for a long time: Akavir, the mysterious island constinent far east of Tamriel. We look at the four nations of Akavir, their inhabitants, the history of the continent in addition to the relationships they have with Tamriel.

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9 responses to “01: Akavir: The Dragon Land

  1. Suggestion: everything about the Orcs, especially the canonship(not sure if that’s a word) of Orcs being elves versus Orcs being kin to Goblin.

    • In our episode called “Men and Mer (and Everything Else)” we go over the origin of the races of Tamriel, including the Orcs. The Orcs were indeed Elves at one point, and that episode explains how the change comes about, according to legends at least.

    • the snake part is definitely not made up, there are records of two tsaesci rulers in the second era. you may be thinking of the theory that tsaesci may be referring to a nation as well as the race, and the nation may contain humans in some lowly rank. it’s based on some writings that mention tsaesci with legs when they’re supposed to have the lower body of a snake.

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