10: Valenwood: The Wilds Remain

We finish out our third season with a detailed look at Valenwood, the home of the Bosmer. We examine the Green Pact, the Wild Hunt, and politics with the Aldmeri Dominion. This episode was requested (although I’m a little angry at myself that I didn’t think of it first) on our Facebook page! If you think you’ve got a great idea for a new episode, head on over there and let me know about it!

You can listen to the podcast by using the widget above, or right-clicking here to save it. You can also add our RSS feed (http://bit.ly/K6v76V) to your iTunes to download new episodes automatically, or you can find it on the iTunes Store by searching for Elder Lore in the podcast section.

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One response to “10: Valenwood: The Wilds Remain

  1. Great Episode, I’m glad to see one on Valenwood. It’s been awhile since i used to listen to you and it sure is good to see your still making these. I hope to see you in Eso! Cheers buddy.

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