09: The Fall of the Snow Elves

In our first episode ever, we talked about the history of the Nordic people and their core beliefs. We bookend that subject nicely in today’s episode, when we talk about the history and core beliefs of the Snow Elves. It is an unfortunate story indeed, for as the Nords were building a new life for themselves on the great continent of Tamriel, so were the Snow Elves being cut down and driven from their home.

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3 responses to “09: The Fall of the Snow Elves

  1. I find it odd that the Elves believe themselves the superior race of the world, the purest, closest to the gods yet have the most diversity. Aldmer, Altmer, Bosmer, Chimer, Maromer, Ayelids, Falmer, Dwemer, and not to mention the Orsimmer and Dunmer. Humans have the Nedes (are these the same as Cyrodils/Imperials?), the Nords, Redguards/Yakudans, half the Bretons, and those extinct humans in Argonia, and the eaten humans of Akavir.

    • The Altmer were really the ones who perceive themselves as above the other races. The other varieties of Elves don’t necessarily feel the same way.

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