08: Kings and Rebels: The Enantiomorph

In this episode we talk about the Enantiomorph: the dynamic relationship between character archetypes, the King and the Rebel, throughout the history of the Elder Scrolls universe. We follow several examples, starting before the reckoning of Time, and with all different types of characters.

Anu and Padomay, Indoril Nerevar and Voryn Dagoth, Hjalti Early-Beard and Cuhlecain, are just a few examples. Do you know of any not mentioned in the episode? Let us know!

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  • The name of Nazz’s article is not, as I said, “The King and the Rebel” but rather “The Rebel’s Return”.
  • The quote used in this episode, which I attributed to Pelinal, is actually from the “36 Lessons of Vivec”.

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One response to “08: Kings and Rebels: The Enantiomorph

  1. So, Lorkhan will return? To exact vengeance of Auri-El (Akatosh and the Aedra)? What I don’t get is that the Aedra were those that willingly gave part of themselves to Nirn (Lorkhan’s plan), so why were they upset? Why did they punish Lorkhan?
    Isn’t Kynareth the Aedric wife of Lorkhan who created rain to cry for this?

    Or is Auri-El not synonymous with Akatosh? Auri-El is thought to be the Elven equivalent, but maybe not.

    Another point, why do Elves care at all about the Aedra? Elves believe themselves of divine ancestry, and despise their mortality. They wish to be et’Ada. The Aedra helped Lorkhan and thus created the Elves. This would make the Aedra their ancestors, but that act would be hated by the Elves. So, the Daedra did nothing to make the Elves as they are, so the Daedra aren’t their ancestors, but that should put the Daedra in good standing with the Elves.

    Maybe the Chimer / Dunmer were just more rational than the Aldmer.

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