10: Let’s Get Metaphysical

Learn about CHIM, zero-summing, mantling, and a whole lot of other philosophical nonsense.

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3 responses to “10: Let’s Get Metaphysical

  1. Hey! At first I have to say that this is just an amazing project you are doing here, please stick to it exactly the way it is now!

    While listening to you speaking about CHIM , I just realized that I heard this before. Better to say, its concept. What you are basically refering to is LUCID DREAMING, a real psycholgic theory.
    It says that it can happen during someone sleeps, that he just realizes that he is in fact dreaming which leads him to the ultimate conclusion that he just can do ANYTHING. He can be sure that it will work because he is dreaming and in a dream everything is possible.

    Refering to the actual lore more closely: When Talos/Tiber Septim realized ,after ascending to goodhood, that he is in a dream, he suddenly had the ability to do everything he wanted to, even reshape the landscape of Cyrodiil.
    Maybe achieving CHIM even made him a god because he realized what I mentioned above.

    I hope I did not write too much or interpret too much in this, but it suddenly came to my mind when I listened to the episode. Maybe you even had the experience while sleeping, knowing that you are in fact dreaming.
    I had it and could fly around etc., and I am serious here!

    I hope you could make myself understandable because English is not my native language.
    Greetings! 🙂

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