09: The Children of Akatosh, the Dragons

In an episode we probably should’ve done right after this one, we finally talk about dragons! I give a history of the dragon race with a small helping of current events (which might provide spoilers for the main quest). You can listen to the rest of the episode and skip over the spoilers, I provide copious warnings.

You can listen to the podcast by using the widget above, or right-clicking here to save it. You can also add our RSS feed (http://bit.ly/K6v76V) to your iTunes to download new episodes automatically, or you can find it on the iTunes Store by searching for Elder Lore in the podcast section.


  • Geoff pointed out that I mixed up the names of the Dunmer nation and the interior island. The province is Morrowind and the island within is called Vvardenfell. (Thanks Geoff!)

9 responses to “09: The Children of Akatosh, the Dragons

  1. Great job on all episodes, I listen to them every chance i get.
    Episode Requests – Yokuda/Origin of the Redguards, explanation of CHIM, overview of Orsimer.
    It would be greatly appreciated to hear any of these!

    • You are correct, sir! You know, no matter how many times I listen to these episodes as I’m editing them there are always one or two mistakes that slip through the cracks (usually when I go off script). Vvardenfell is the island at the center of the province of Morrowind.

  2. I was looking for something like this since I first got Skyrim. I absolutely love this. I find TES very interesting. But I am not much for reading. This does everything I would want about TES.

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