07: Overview of the Daedric Princes

In our seventh episode we talk about the Daedric Princes, those rascals.

You can listen to the podcast by using the widget above, or right-clicking here to save it. You can also add our RSS feed (http://bit.ly/K6v76V) to your iTunes to download new episodes automatically, or you can find it on the iTunes Store by searching for Elder Lore in the podcast section.


9 responses to “07: Overview of the Daedric Princes

  1. Awesome podcast! Maybe you could do one about the more mysterious guilds? Like Nightingales and Gray Fox and stuff.

  2. The mp3 file of the episode is only 2 seconds long. The iTunes version is no better =( Looks like it got broken somehow. Could you please fix it?

    Oh, by the way, thanks for this amazing podcast, it’s really one of the best ones I’ve ever stumbled upon on the Internet.

    • Is anybody else having the same issue? The episode loads fine for me in Firefox, I will check other browsers when I get home. Try to delete and re-download the episode through iTunes to see if you can get the full episode that way, at least.

      • Well, I checked it in Chrome, Firefox, IE and my phone, and had this issue everywhere. I even re-downloaded the episode on iTunes and it just won’t work either. Okay, there’s a small chance I can still get it on my girlfriend’s laptop, but just in case the episode won’t load right on her laptop as well, is there any chance you can email it to me or something? I just want this episode too bad =)

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