06: The Three Empires of Men

In this episode we talk about the three empires of Tamriel, beginning with Queen Alessia, the Reman Dynasty that followed it, and finishing up with Tiber Septim and the Third Empire.

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  • Talos was not, as I said, born in Skyrim. He was of Nordic descent, but he was supposedly born in Atmora. This is taken from the First Edition of the Pocket Guide to the Empire. (Thanks kcintlob!)

4 responses to “06: The Three Empires of Men

  1. You may want to make a correction, since you said that popular belief holds that Talos was born in Skyrim, when really he was born in Atmora (according to the pocket guide).

    The Song of Tiber Septim
    From the Odes:
    “He was born in Atmora as Talos, ‘Stormcrown’ in the language of the ancient Ehlnofey, and it was from that shore he sailed. He spent his youth in Skyrim among the Nords. There he learned much from the Tongues and their chieftains and their ways of war. At twenty he led the invasion of Old Hrol’dan, taking it back from the Witchmen of High Rock and their kinsmen.”


    • Their’s also the idea that his original names was Hjalti Early-Beard and is Nordic in decent, but born in High Rock. The Atmoran thing (I believe) is just the mix of Tiber Septim’s history and Wulfharth’s history considering Wulfharth was born in Atmora as well. They’re both mistaken for each other due to the whole Mantling concept and the fact that they shared the same title of Ysmir.

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