04: Myth and Cosmology

We go all the way back to the beginning with this episode. There a slight variations on a theme when it comes to the many creation myths of Nirn and the Elder Scrolls universe. I do my best to go over the major talking points on the more important ones during this week’s episode.

Most of the information comes from the Temple Zero Society, which basically means that it comes from Michael Kirkbride himself. Kirkbride left Bethesda Studios during the development of Morrowind, but is responsible for much of the lore we learn about in this podcast and in the Elder Scrolls games, and is still an active member of the lore community.

You can listen to the podcast by using the widget above, or right-clicking here to save it. You can also add our RSS feed (http://bit.ly/K6v76V) to your iTunes to download new episodes automatically, or you can find it on the iTunes Store by searching for Elder Lore in the podcast section.


8 responses to “04: Myth and Cosmology

  1. These podcasts (which I’m now listening to for the second time) are so much fun. Now I only need to figure out if I start playing Morrowind again, or go back to Skyrim. So much Elder Scrolls gaming, so little time.

  2. So basically Mundus was made for Men, and since the elves resent existence and wish it to end, why not slaughter them all and find a way to remove them from the dreamsleeve as well?

    Men get to stay on Mundus and keep trying to achieve CHIM and Amaranth, become stronger spirits and enlightenment, and the Mer get what they want to also.

    I mean fuck, the Mer fucking worship DEADRA, the most anti-mundus group ever. Though even the Aedra fought Lorkhan when he was trying to make Mundus, so they’re no real friend of Men either.

    Goddamn, why do the Altmer find it necessary to try to remove MEN to try to end existence and return to their “rightful” place so they can finally be “free”, when they should really be trying to remove themselves from the dreamsleeve instead?

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