02: On Magic and Aetherius

In this episode we discuss the different disciplines of magic, and where magical energies come from. We touch on Aetherial travel (space travel, for lack of a better phrase) and Shadow magic. We probably should have done this episode a long time ago, but we didn’t. At any rate, here it is.

[audio https://elderlore.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/e42-on-magic-and-aetherius.mp3 /]

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One response to “02: On Magic and Aetherius

  1. Great episode. You forgot the darkest of all magics. The obscure Flesh Magic that Relmyna Verenim,used to create the Gatekeeper in The Shivering Isles add-on. Also seen in Skyrim with the Butcher of Windhelm.

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