05: The Shezarrines

Throughout history there have been a number of heroes among men, who have risen to champion the cause of men. The names of these heroes are known to men across Tamriel, as saviors and defenders. These, many believe, are the avatars of Lorkhan, sent by Lorkhan to shepherd in times of great need. Alternately, one might choose to believe that they are not sent by Lorkhan, but rather are incarnations of Lorkhan. These are the Shezarrines.

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One response to “05: The Shezarrines

  1. I think you’re right about the Dragonborn being a Shezzarine. Towards the end, you mention that the Thu’um may be another instance of aid to men granted by Lorkhan. I learned in your podcast on the Eight Divines, that Kynareth/Kyne was the wife of Lorkhan (the rain is her tears for his death).

    Well, as we know – Kynareth taught men the Thu’um. That would make sense. She would aid men, as her husband Lorkhan did.

    I’m still confused about the Aedra punishing Lorkhan though. They ripped out his heart and threw across the world? But weren’t the Aedra complicit in Lorkhan’s plan? I think at first they were tricked, but those that became the Divines continued with the plan anyhow.

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