01: Enigmatic Barenziah

Once Queen of Mournhold, once Queen of Wayrest, more recently Queen Mother. Friend of Tiber Septim, wife of General Symmachus, mother to Helseth, King in Morrowind.

Learn all about the storied and (sometimes) scandalous past of the Queen Mother in our most recent episode.

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  • According to the book The Nightingales, Karliah of the Thieves Guild is a relative of Barenziah. The book was written by her lover, Gallus, who says that the so-called bard named Nightingale that visits Barenziah at court was not Jagar Tharn, but rather Drayven Indoril. Drayven impregnates Barenziah, giving her a daughter: Dralsi. This daughter of Barenziah would, in turn, give birth to Karliah by an unknown father. Dralsi would pass on all her knowledge of thieving to her daughter, Karliah, making her the grand-daughter of Barenziah. (Thanks Rod!)

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