The Siege of Sky Haven Temple

Late in the First Era, during the reign of Emperor Kastav of the Reman Dynasty, Imperial forces laid siege to the great northern temple of the Dragonguard. Over time, the event was forgotten and the annals that recorded such events grew old and rotted. Over 600 years passed, and a scribe known as Brother Annulus took it upon himself to copy the texts over before they were lost completely. What follows are accounts of the actions of the Dragonguard between the years 2800 and 2819, beginning with the siege of Sky Haven Temple and ending with the dedication of Alduin’s Wall.

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Olaf and the Dragon

We tackle the varying accounts of the story of how Olaf One-Eye rode the dragon Numinex back to Whiterun, imprisoning it deep within the keep (which would henceforth be known as Dragonsreach). Some say he was a great hero the likes of which will never be seen again, others say he was a treacherous liar. Decide for yourself after listening to our newest episode!

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More Community Content in Our Latest Episode!

In our newest episode we have two different pieces of creative community lore-work. We begin our episode with a reading of The Withering, a short piece narrated by a rogue Hist in Elsweyr during the war between the Ehlnofey in the Merethic Era. It tells the story of the annihilation of the Hist during said conflict. Special thanks to Reddit user xenoposeidon for writing such a fantastic piece.

In the second part of this episode we listen to rottendeadite‘s reading of Dementor’s great goblin creation myth called This Many Goblins Left the Cave. I would strongly recommend checking out some of rottendeadite‘s other readings as well, specifically he has read all of the 36 Lessons of Vivec.

Uriel V’s Failed Invasion of Akavir

In 3E268, Uriel V is sworn in as Emperor. The first task he gives himself is to restore faith in the Empire. He takes the throne after the death of his father, Cephorus II, under whose reign Tamriel had seen the devastation invasion of the Camoran Usurper. Commonfolk had begun to doubt the power and safety of the Empire, and had grown distrustful.

Uriel V quickly decides that the quickest way to unite the Empire was to point their swords at a common enemy. Within two years of sitting the throne, he begins planning a full-scale naval invasion of distant and mysterious Akavir. He spends the next ten years building a navy worthy to the task. Despite the planning and preparation, what follows is one of the Empire’s most devastating defeats.

Years later, after the dust settles, Imperial investigators looked into the campaign looking for someone to blame for the Empire’s defeat. Imperial Chairman Pottreid scribed the report in which the details of the invasion were laid bare. The report, which will be read here for your listening pleasure, was aptly called Disaster at Ionith.

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The Tale of Movarth Piquine

It was a cold night, and there was a boisterous crowd in the tavern hall of the small Inn on the hill. The bard called shrill over the noise, playing a song of mirth and mead. Smoke from the peat-fires rose slowly to the thatch roof and escaped through small flue holes. Three young men, arrayed in leathers and mail, boasted loudly of their deeds. They are reforming the Dawnguard, they spoke to the Inn’s attendants, and we are going to lend our swords. They yelled and sang on through the night, thinking themselves saviors of the world. They touched their swords and straightened their armor, grabbing serving girls and throwing food scraps onto the floor. But all the noise seemed to die when the Wanderer spoke.

You are young yet, and know not the dangers that await in the wide circle of the world. The voice was gravel and sand, and came from the dark corner between two guttering torches. The speaker leaned forward into the light, revealing himself a bent and withered old traveler. It seemed, at that moment, that all in the tavern had quieted, straining to hear the man’s words.

And what do you know of it, old man? The man was deep in his cups, young and boastful.

I met a man once, when my travels brought me to the disreputable winesinks and skooma-dens of Bravil. Movarth was his name, and he was all muscle and sinew. A hard face he had, and an even harder story. And so the Wanderer told his story, and the men and women of the Inn listened intently with wide eyes.

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On Magic and Aetherius

Thanks for waiting a little bit longer than I originally said for this episode, we got a little backlogged in all the server maintenance I did last weekend. Anyway, the episodes are now hosted right here on the blog, and (starting with this episode) we are encoding at a lower bit rate in order to allow for smaller file sizes.

In this episode we discuss the different disciplines of magic, and where magical energies come from. We touch on Aetherial travel (space travel, for lack of a better phrase) and Shadow magic. We probably should have done this episode a long time ago, but we didn’t. At any rate, here it is.