Welcome to ELDER LORE

Our blog and podcast have been around for almost three years! In commemoration we have re-designed our blog, now featuring the amazing artwork of Alexey Rudikov. Google him, now.

To date, we have had over 195,000 views to our blog. Our best day was June 5 2012 when we had just over 800 views in a single day. Most of those views were for our episode on the Morag Tong and the Dark Brotherhood.

So, welcome and thanks for visiting. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, you can add the RSS feed manually (http://bit.ly/K6v76V), or you can listen to the episodes here on the blog.


5 responses to “Welcome to ELDER LORE

  1. Oh man I was listening back to your Vivec episodes and wondered if you would ever go back recording new episodes, got home now and voila a brand new site and new episodes, you are a Diamound!! Love the new design best regards and please dont stop inundating us listeners with your amazing readings…


  2. Been listening to this podcast for a couple months now and have especially enjoyed the ‘metaphysical’ episodes.

    Really impressed with the narrative quality and substance of the materiel.

    Would really like to see more episodes! Any idea as to when we can expect some new info?


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