On Magic and Aetherius

Thanks for waiting a little bit longer than I originally said for this episode, we got a little backlogged in all the server maintenance I did last weekend. Anyway, the episodes are now hosted right here on the blog, and (starting with this episode) we are encoding at a lower bit rate in order to allow for smaller file sizes.

In this episode we discuss the different disciplines of magic, and where magical energies come from. We touch on Aetherial travel (space travel, for lack of a better phrase) and Shadow magic. We probably should have done this episode a long time ago, but we didn’t. At any rate, here it is.


2 responses to “On Magic and Aetherius

  1. Hey, I found out about your podcast just couple of days ago and download ALL the eps so far from itunes 😀

    Been listening to them while driving, this is so amazing!
    I love how detailed are your podcasts, trillion times better on the stuff on youtube.

    And all I wanna say is thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this! =)

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