State of the Podcast, July 21

After extensive uploading/downloading/renaming/link fixing this weekend I think we are all up and running. All of our episodes have been moved to our own servers here at WordPress, which has no bandwidth or file size limits. This means that our episodes should download and be available more reliably than they have been in the past. All of the links on the blog have been updated (I think), so you should be able to find them all here. Note: if you find dead links anywhere, please let me know! I’ve also updated the RSS feed, but sometimes it takes a few weeks for those changes to actually make it to iTunes. I’ve also done my best to clean up the code in the feed, so the dates should be arranged better in the iTunes Store. As of right now, some of them are still not showing up right, but I chalk that up to just needing more time to fully update.

We will be having a new episode coming out very soon, but I do want to give all of these changes some time to roll over and normalize before releasing. Be on the lookout for it within the next week or so. I have been working on the mod as well, but I am waiting to push those updates until our next Wanderer’s tale so as to minimize the amount of updates needed to download. So be on the lookout for that as well.

Thank you for your continued patience as I iron out all the mistakes I’m sure I’ve made.


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