A Loremaster is Born

On April 24, 2013 at 12:43pm, my daughter and first child was brought kicking and screaming into this world. Naturally, this will mean that the blog and podcast may be entering a brief period of inactivity. Rest assured, however, that we are not gone forever. In fact, we’ve already begun production on a number of new episodes for the beginning of our next season. So stay tuned for more episodes in the Tales’ series, in addition to academic discussions about magic and space travel, renegade Wise Women of the Ashlands, and more.



3 responses to “A Loremaster is Born

  1. Congratulations! Hope your daughter brings you a lot happiness!

    I love listening to your podcasts, usually when cooking or going for walk. The lore of Elder Scrolls is extensive and you are great at explaining it. You have a calming tone so it’s an all-round enjoyable experience every time =]

  2. Really cute! I often listen to your podcast when I can’t fall a sleep. Even once, I had a dream about one of your episode.

    Looking forward for more, more, more, more,……………………………. and more.

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