The Wanderer’s Updates

I hope everybody has been enjoying the mod, I’ve been working hard on it the past few weeks. It’s still far from finished, however. In fact, by very definition, it will probably never be finished until I stop publishing episodes of the podcast.

I pushed an update on the mod today which adds two new volumes to Carac Oswyn’s collection. They are the last two books in his series on Myth and Religion (Book 5: Pantheons in Tamriel, and Book 6: The Enantiomorph), so be sure to head on over to the Bards College and fork over some gold to add them to your personal libraries. The update should’ve been pushed a few days ago but, in case you hadn’t noticed, Steam was being a little weird about Workshop subscriptions the last few days.

A few people have asked me to share it on the Nexus also. I’m planning on doing so eventually, but the mod is currently in the very beginning stages of its life. I’ll be updating it often over the next few months and the Workshop makes it easier for me to easily distribute updates. Once the mod is in a more final form, I will post it to the Nexus as well.

Planned updates for the mod include an actually wandering Wanderer who, like Maiq, travels the roads of Skyrim. I also hope to introduce quests of some kind, and couriers to update the player-character in-game when updates to the mod have been downloaded. So, if you have experience with the Creation Kit and are willing to help out, please contact me and let me know. I got big ideas, and no skill to back them up.

Check it out on the Steam Workshop by clicking here!


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