The Wanderer’s Tales

We close out our fourth season with a new format, which is to introduce The Wanderer’s Tales. In this episode, the mysterious Wanderer visits the campsite of Imperials fleeing the invading Thalmor forces. In exchange for their food and company, he tells them the story of Miraak and Vahlok, the traitor and the guardian. The story does not offer any spoilers for the Dragonborn expansion pack, but merely (in a creative way) tells the story of how Miraak originally became imprisoned in the first place.

We’re finishing up our fourth season with some big news! Our 40th episode marks the beginning of a new era for the Elder Lore Podcast. We’re moving into the realm of interactive podcast experience with the introduction of our new mod! The mod is called The Wanderer’s Tales, and follows in the wake of a new segment of our podcast by the same name.

The Wanderer’s Tales is a series of stories told by a mysterious wanderer, who travels Tamriel telling stories to whomever may find themselves listening. There are many parts of Elder Scrolls lore where facts are known, but details are scarce. The Wanderer’s Tales represent an opportunity I’ll be taking advantage of, to write and publish creative fiction that is heavily researched and cross-checked and as lore-friendly as it can possibly be.


As episodes in the Tales series are released, so too will the mod be updated. Book versions of the episodes will be found in-game, for your player characters to collect and read. If you’re watchful, and travel a lot, you might even find the Wanderer himself


But wait, there’s more! There’s also a new itinerant historian spending some time at the Bards College in Solitude. He’s working on his masterpiece: a comprehensive lore compendium of the history of Tamriel and, indeed, Nirn at large. He might be willing to sell you a few volumes, if you’ve got the coin.


And so we usher in a new era for the Elder Lore Podcast. I hope you enjoy both the episodes and the new mod. There will also be more content in the podcast that is produced by listeners, so if you have an article that is based in documented lore and you want to hear it on the podcast, be sure to send it over.

You can find more information about the mod over at the Tales page, or subscribe to the mod on the Skyrim Workshop.


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