An ELDER LORE Double Feature!

Surprise! This week we have not one, but two brand new episodes for you to check out. We’re wrapping up our work on specific Tamrielic provinces with a double feature: Argonia in our sixteenth episode, and High Rock and Orsinium in our seventeenth.

Technically, Orsinium does not hold provincial status in the Empire. It is a smaller autonomous city-state within High Rock that the Orcs call home. It has been the cause and victim of much conflict in the region throughout time, which makes that episode a must-listen for any fans of the Bretons or the Orcs.

We learned about Yokuda and Hammerfell in our episode called Gods and Heroes of Yokuda, Morrowind in our ALMSIVI and Great Houses episode, Elsweyr in our episode about the Khajiit, Skyrim in our first episode, and the Summerset Isle and Valenwood in our episode about the Aldmeri Dominion. We’ve also discussed some nations that aren’t in Tamriel. Yokuda is discussed often in the aforementioned episode, our Skyrim episode touches on Atmora as well, and we also did a full show about Akavir, the mysterious dragon land out east.


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