Episode Nine: DRAGONS!

We finally get around to talking about dragons. I’ve gotten many suggestions to focus on this topic for an episode, but I didn’t want to come out and spoil everything in Skyrim for people who have not yet played it (the main quest, at least).

Now, some time has passed and I’ve figured out a way to talk about the history of dragons without providing too many spoilers for the future of dragons. There are some spoilers, however, for people who haven’t played the main quest, but I provide copious warnings so you should see them coming.


2 responses to “Episode Nine: DRAGONS!

  1. Hi…! Actually, I don’t think I’ve heard your name yet. Well anyway, hi!

    I just wanted to let you know, that I am listening and I am enjoying your podcast. I’m sure many other people are as well but are just too lazy to let you know it. I’m actually too lazy but you mentioned you’d like to know of any corrections and I have one for you.

    So this episode, about dragons, you mention that Morrowind is just the island and that the entire province is Vvardenfell, and that island is where the third game Morrowind takes place. Actually, it’s the opposite. This is around 19:00. I’m sure you just misspoke.

    Anyway, keep up the great work. LIke I said, I really am enjoying your podcasts. Instead of reading through tons of wiki articles trying to learn more about the lore, your podcasts are much more entertaining and the extended reading sections give me a focus. Looking forward to the next one!

    • Yes, I got myself all backwards. I posted the correction on the page for the episode, but I do appreciate your taking the time to send in this reply. And, I doubly appreciate you letting me know how much you enjoy the podcast. Thanks!

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