Extended Reading: Aedra and Daedra

There are conflicting accounts of the creation of Mundus and, as such, it is difficult to give a definitive story as to where these beings (the Aedra and the Daedra) come from. Put in it’s most general terms, the Aedra were the spirits that took part in the creating of Mundus. The Aedra are, obviously, capable of creation, where it is widely believed that the Daedra are only capable of changing what has already been created. The Aedra spent most of their energy in the act of creation and are left greatly weakened. Being the spirits who actively participated in the making, the fate of the Aedra is forever bound to the fate of the world. This is why the Aedra are known to be capable of dying (see Lorkhan), where the Daedra can only be banished back to their own realm.

There are no shortage of good books on Oblivion and the study of the Aedra and the Daedra to be found in-game. I want to take a second to list them here, so that you can read them if you get a chance. If you’re into Elder Scrolls lore (which I assume is what brought you here), there is no better way to get information than the primary source: in-game books. This is not a definitive list, either. Feel free to comment if you know of other books you feel are worth mentioning.

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