Episode Six, and Other Changes

Our sixth episode is here! We spend some time examining the different empires that have ruled Tamriel throughout history, including the Alessian Empire, the Reman Dynasty, and ending with an investigation into the different stories of Tiber Septim and the forging of the Third Empire. Thanks again for listening!

I’ve switched the hosting of the archived episodes to a new server, so the widget used to playback audio of the podcasts here on the blog is slightly different. Everything should still be up and running fine, but if you encounter any errors please let me know.


4 responses to “Episode Six, and Other Changes

  1. I totally love this podcast! It’s much more interesting then just looking up information on UESP. You voice is calm and pretty much perfect for it: Smooth, relaxed and slow, so people can keep up. I pobably wouldn’t mind you being my IRL history teacher. Keep em comin’, I appreciate it!

  2. I can’t figure out what feed to subscribe to with my podcast manager? It would also be great if this podcast was searchable from iTunes, since many people use it.

    Great blog :)!

    • Which podcast manager do you use? If you contact me through the contact page, and give me your email address, I can try to give you more specific instructions. As for iTunes, I would love for Elder Lore to be searchable in their database but I submitted the first episode to them when it was released and it still hasn’t been posted. I also have not been contacted as to why it wasn’t posted, so I have no idea. I hope someday it’ll be on there, but for the moment Apple is not posting it.

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